Toagosei opens Toagosei Hydrogen Station Tokushima

The mobile hydrogen filling facility can be helpful during a disaster as it can help generate electricity locally by FCV.

Toagosei Co., Ltd. announces the commercial opening of Toagosei Hydrogen Station Tokushima, which supplies hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles (FCV) and fuel cell buses (FCB).

The site area is 2,826 square meters. The filling pressure is 82MPa, filling capacity of over 300Nm3/h (around 50 FCV/day) and applicable to FCV and FCB.

Toagosei is focusing on using hydrogen energy to promote the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) based on its target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 as part of its measures to prevent global warming. As part of these activities, the company constructed Toagosei Hydrogen Station Tokushima, located next to its Tokushima plant, which manufactures hydrogen.

This hydrogen station is Japan’s first integrated manufacturing and supply-type hydrogen station. Costs are kept down because there is no cost to transport hydrogen to the station, and carbon dioxide emissions will not be produced in the transportation process, making this facility highly effective in reaching carbon neutrality.

An opening ceremony was held on April 15 for both the station and the company’s mobile hydrogen station called the Toagosei H2 Hydrogen Shuttle, marking the official commercial opening.

Under our Sustainability Policy of “We take up the challenge to create new value to deliver happiness to future generations,” the Toagosei Group is committed to contributing to a sustainable and vibrant society while deepening collaboration and cooperation with local communities, including Tokushima Prefecture.

Zohaib Ali

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