Global Electrolyser Market Tracker

Global Electrolyser Market Tracker is a must-have product for those involved in the hydrogen values chain. It monitors existing and future electrolyser projects around the world. H2Bulletin Research has developed this service based on its extensive primary and secondary research of the hydrogen market.

As an energy vector, hydrogen can be produced anywhere using the commonly available feedstock, i.e. water and renewable (e.g. wind and solar). In the current fast-growing hydrogen market, it is getting harder to track key developments regularly. These announcements can be the full spectrum, going from a small kilowatt plant in a valley for local needs to a multi-megawatt export-oriented project. Given the local language barrier, learning about these projects can be difficult.

H2Bulletin Research has a dedicated multilingual market intelligence team that covers the global hydrogen market on a daily basis. The team has decades of experience in market research and consulting.

This monthly service tracks electrolyser projects that aim to produce hydrogen from water, irrespective of energy source. The report is based on an annual subscription and consists of:

  • A monthly report tracking key developments in the electrolyser market
  • A detailed electrolyser projects and plants database, updated every month



  • Around 500 electrolyser projects and counting
  • Electrolyser capacity in MW
  • Hydrogen production estimation on an hourly and yearly basis in kilogram and nm³ units terms
  • Intended end-users for electrolysers
  • Installed and projected capacity
  • Upcoming capacity status
  • Project data such as ownership, project name, location, start date, decommissioned date are also available
  • Funding, electrolyser suppliers, CapEx data etc., are also provided subject to availability
  • Next ten-year electrolyser capacity assessment based on announced projects

Why is this service unique?

  • We specialise in the hydrogen market.
  • We cover the hydrogen market regularly through our publishing daily news, research and consulting works.
  • The electrolyser market is fast-changing and requires regular monitoring. As a market intelligence company, we specifically track electrolysers announcements around the world daily.
  • A detailed report with monthly updated electrolyser database.
  • The database provides the latest update on the projects with key details from plant location to hydrogen production per hour.
  • We regularly contact project owners on the project status, use publicly available data and alternative data whenever necessary.

Independent and authoritative

  • We are entirely independent and represent our views.
  • For primary research, we continuously consult industry participants across the hydrogen value chain.


  • Our regular coverage of the hydrogen industry makes our service robust.
  • We categorise the announced projects into tentative, possible, certain, committed or operational based on our inclusion criteria with consideration of 22 different aspects of the project.

Hydrogen electrolyser projects methodology

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