Officials visit Tai Po Plant to learn how Towngas’ hydrogen extraction system contributes to carbon reduction

Mr Tse Chin-wan, the Secretary for Environment and Ecology, led a delegation to the Tai Po Gas Production Plant of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) to tour the gas production facilities and the hydrogen extraction system.

During the visit, the delegation learned more about the carbon reduction progress and the latest smart energy development of Towngas. Both parties also had an in-depth exchange on the development of hydrogen energy in Hong Kong.

In line with the carbon reduction policies set out by the country and the HKSAR Government, Towngas is committed to developing clean energy. Currently, hydrogen constitutes around half of its supplied gas composition. With its pipeline network reaching virtually everywhere in Hong Kong, installing hydrogen extraction systems on the client side is a low-cost, safe and efficient hydrogen energy supply solution suitable for Hong Kong.

On top of hydrogen energy technology, Towngas representatives also showed the officials the natural gas storage facility at the Plant. In 2003, Towngas signed a 25- year agreement with an Australian natural gas supplier to bring in cleaner natural gas, saving the customers close to $20 billion in fuel costs to date.

Mr Tse Chin-wan, the Secretary for Environment and Ecology, remarked, “In order to align with the national dual carbon goals, Hong Kong is striving to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and the development of sustainable green energy is an important step in eliminating carbon emissions. The Government is pleased to see that Towngas’ hydrogen energy application and supply solutions are helping Hong Kong to transform Hong Kong into a city utilising low-carbon energy.”

Mr Peter Wong Wai-yee, the Managing Director of Towngas, thanked the officials of the Environmental and Ecology Bureau and the Electrical and Mechanical 2 Services Department for their visit and valuable advice, “As the upstream supplier of hydrogen, Towngas is committed to the research of hydrogen production and supply technologies to support the downstream application of hydrogen energy in Hong Kong. We hope to make good use of our 3,700 kilometres of underground pipelines, and deliver hydrogen to different parts of the territory. We will also work actively with the Government to develop future regulations and standards for the hydrogen industry, in order to provide a safe and reliable hydrogen supply to Hong Kong.”

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