Alkaline Fuel Cell Power to develop fuel cells for off-grid and backup generators

AFCP is positioned to use the cost-effective alkaline technology to meet this growing demand.

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Corp. is supplementing the ongoing development of our 4 kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) fuel cell by developing a range of fuel cells that target more immediate revenue opportunities within the off-grid and backup generator markets.

AFCP is developing fuel cells of varying power output capacities to satisfy these off-grid and backup generator markets, including fuel cell configurations with an expected stacked range between 40 kW and 100 kW generator systems. These configurations build on AFCP’s current design for the 4 kW CHP system, incorporating different membrane technology into larger fuel cells suitable for servicing the generator market.

Discussions with integrators are ongoing, and AFCP will collaborate with them to gain access to the assembly, sales, marketing, and maintenance capabilities for customers, to target systems that have a power capacity of between 40 kW and 100 kW with our alkaline fuel cell, including the following:

  • Cell towers/weather stations
  • Highways/rail monitoring
  • Rescue & military
  • Residential
  • Datacentre/hospital/industrial

Global players operating within the above segments provide diesel generators with a significant carbon footprint compared to the zero-emission alternative offered by AFCP’s fuel cells.

Alkaline fuel cell technology offers several meaningful advantages compared to other fuel cell types, including:

  • Lower cost, as no precious metals are required, which enables affordable mass production
  • Operable with less pure “industrial” hydrogen that may contain up to 10 parts per million of carbon monoxide; a capability not shared by other fuel cell technologies
  • Functional at very low temperatures (-35°C)
  • A less complex balance of plant

Frank Carnevale, CEO of AFCP, said, “By leveraging our existing staff and resources in Belgium and Czech Republic, we anticipate being able to generate revenue earlier by selling our fuel cells into the burgeoning generator market.”

Zohaib Ali

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