Xebec spearheads in Turkey steel industry; Emerson & BayoTech join forces; H2 Clipper registers US patent

Industries and organisations are looking for sustainable solutions to solve their emission problem.

Xebec Adsorption Inc. has signed a contract to supply two Hy.GEN 150 units with a Turkey-based flat steel manufacturer. The two units will have a capacity of around 600 kg/day of hydrogen (220 tonnes/year) at 99.999% purity to create a protective atmosphere within the annealing heat-treatment process.

The contract from a flat steel producer is the first of its kind Xebec received and the third site in Turkey, showcasing its increasing position and diverse set of industrial applications for on-site hydrogen generation. The installation will contribute to local industrial hydrogen supply, with the surplus hydrogen can be supplied to FCEVs. The company believes that this approach can support the economic rollout of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

Using high purity hydrogen within the steel annealing process is a new use case for Xebec and would expand its hydrogen reference base, which now includes active installations in glass manufacturing, food, electronics, hydrocracking, and the emerging mobility sector refuelling of hydrogen vehicles.

In a separate development, Emerson (an industrial software and technology company) has signed a multi-year strategic framework agreement with BayoTech (an innovator in hydrogen solutions) to accelerate hydrogen delivery globally. The advanced software technology would enable BayoTech to build hydrogen units to produce cleaner, lower-cost hydrogen. Advanced technology integrated with global hydrogen hubs means lower transportation costs and reduced emissions.

BayoTech’s modular hydrogen generation units produce up to 1,000 kg/day, enough to fill around 200 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Using Emerson’s programmable logic controller and edge control technologies, remote monitoring and Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, the unmanned, fully autonomous skids will operate and be monitored remotely from BayoTech’s Albuquerque, New Mexico headquarters. The hydrogen generation units are already being built and will be placed in BayoGaaS™ hydrogen hubs and at customer sites throughout the US and other global locations.

H2 Clipper, Inc. has been granted the patent “Method and Apparatus for Lighter-Than-Air Airship with Improved Structure and Delivery System” by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It covers an improved structural and delivery system for H2 Clipper’s ‘lighter-than-air’ airships, essential to unlocking the global hydrogen economy. H2 Clipper is building a prototype that it projects to fly in 2024, with its initial full-sized units slated for 2027 if ongoing work continues as planned.

Ethan Mandel

Ethan is the special correspondent for Europe covering the hydrogen industry for H2 Bulletin. Please click on the email icon to contact me via email or follow me on social media. I am reachable on Phone: 02081237815
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