Wolftank and ARTHUR BUS jointly expand portfolio

Wolftank Group has signed an agreement with ARTHUR BUS for the further development and delivery of mobile hydrogen refuelling containers.

ARTHUR BUS provides state-of-the-art zero-emission buses for local public transport (LPT) in cities and regional communities, transporting people to their destinations comfortably, quietly and sustainably. The globally active Wolftank Group develops and implements state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure solutions for zero-emission mobility and supplies, among other things, turnkey, modular hydrogen refuelling systems.

The current lack of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure poses a major challenge for public transport operators when switching to zero-emission vehicles. Therefore, as an extended service to customers, the strategy of vehicle manufacturers comprises a package offer that includes a refuelling solution when a hydrogen vehicle is purchased.

“With our decades of expertise in hydrogen technologies, we have developed targeted, innovative and flexible refuelling solutions that are suitable for a wide range of conditions. Especially for a rapid expansion of sustainable mobility, it is crucial to offer cost-effective and ready-to-use refuelling options today. Combining this with vehicle sales is an easy way to meet demand where it arises. We are pleased that ARTHUR BUS, as a pioneer in this field, has decided to go for a joint solution. This is another implementation step of our strategy to actively work on building the infrastructure for zero-emission mobility worldwide,” says Peter Werth, CEO of Wolftank Group.

Philipp Glonner, Co-Founder and CEO of ARTHUR BUS, says: “Especially in the field of public transport, there is still a need for competitive solutions. The range of products and services available to operators can be significantly improved. Our new combined offer of hydrogen bus and refuelling solution aims to do just that. We are the first manufacturer to ensure that our buses are ready for immediate use, while our customers can concentrate on their core business.”

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