Vopak Singapore explores expanding its ammonia infrastructure

Vopak Banyan terminal is an integrated oil, chemical and gas hybrid storage terminal with a storage capacity of close to 1.5 million cbm

Vopak Singapore is exploring the expansion of its ammonia storage infrastructure with full import and export capabilities for low-carbon power generation and bunker fuels at its Banyan terminal.

The terminal is strategically located on Jurong Island and has extensive experience in safely handling ammonia, a product for which extra safety precautions are needed. Currently, it owns and operates a refrigerated ammonia tank with a capacity of 10,000 cbm supporting petrochemical activities in Singapore.

The expansion, subject to the final investment decision, will add new storage capacity for ammonia to primarily support the power and maritime sectors. Vopak Singapore has recently completed the conceptual design of the planned expansion and has commenced the quantitative risk assessment study.

In addition to our expertise in Singapore, Vopak has ammonia storage in Caojing (China), Al-Jubail (Saudi Arabia), Kertih (Malaysia) and two locations in the US (one in Houston and one in Louisiana). Together with its partners, Vopak is developing an import terminal (ACE terminal) for green ammonia as a hydrogen carrier in the port of Rotterdam and is preparing for ammonia storage at its gas terminal in Flushing, the Netherlands.

Ammonia is one of the carbon-neutral fuels that can facilitate the decarbonisation of the maritime sector and one of the most efficient ways to store and transport hydrogen. Depending on technology implementation, ammonia can also be considered for power generation.

Rob Boudestijn, Managing Director of Vopak Terminals Singapore, “In line with Singapore’s ambition on net-zero carbon emissions, Vopak can leverage on our proven expertise of safely storing ammonia in Banyan.”

Zohaib Ali

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