Verdagy launches commercial electrolyzer module

Verdagy is on track to begin commercial operations in the coming years.

Verdagy demonstrated the commercial efficacy of its unique water electrolysis technology, eDynamic™, with two significant milestones on the path to cost-effective hydrogen at scale.

Verdagy is engineering the world’s largest membrane-based electrochemical cells to drive down the investment and energy required for generating industrial hydrogen.

Verdagy ran a demonstration-scale Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) of 3200 cm2, 20kW cell – for 1,000 hours continuously at industry-leading high current density in a production environment.

It launched its three-cell 500 kW commercial electrolyzer module in August 2022 at its Moss Landing pilot plant. Each cell incorporates the largest AEM’s in the world at 28,500 cm2.

The three 28,500 cm2 cells in the newly launched commercial module produce hydrogen at a rate of >3.0kg/hr per cell, validating their patented cell architecture and design that enables high current densities in a large format cell. This represents industry-leading current density operations that are higher than traditional and state-of-the-art Alkaline Water Electrolyzers (AWE), exceeding expectations for performance.

The launch of their commercial cell was preceded by the 1,000-hour run on a 20kW, 3200 cm2 cell in a production environment at Verdagy’s pilot plant in Moss Landing, CA. The 1,000-hour run demonstrated lifetime durability and minimized risk as they scaled up to the commercial electrolyzer module. Through multiple runs, Verdagy validated its cell design, optimized its components, and established process parameters to package its cells for commercial use.

Marty Neese, CEO, Verdagy, said, “The rapid pace of innovation getting to commercial scale is exactly what is needed to enable the energy transition and make green hydrogen at industrial scale come to life.”

Zohaib Ali

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