UMSTRO orders 18 HyModule S8 hydrogen fuel cell systems from Proton Motor

The British holding company Proton Motor Power Systems plc announced today that its Bavarian operating subsidiary Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH received a new order for 18 “HyModule® S8” hydrogen fuel cell systems from its existing customer UMSTRO GmbH.

The company is a specialist in modular energy cells for sustainable power generation from renewable energies with state-of-the-art hydrogen storage solutions and an existing customer of Proton Motor. In 2021, Proton Motor manufactured a “HyModule® S8″ system for integration into UMSTRO’s innovative energy trailer, formally known as the “Mobile Solar FuelCell Aggregate”.

The “HyModule® S8 system” is an emission-free high-tech product from Proton Motor`s Hy-brand portfolio for stationary applications and will be integrated by UMSTRO into various projects for use in emergency power and combined heat and power applications. Of the eighteen systems ordered, two systems of 8.4kW each are intended for the municipal housing company Euskirchener Baugesellschaft mbH, with which UMSTRO is developing a new energy self-sufficient multi-family house. An additional ten units are intended for use as decentralised and decarbonised energy supply solutions and the remaining six systems are to be produced for stock.

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