TVIS, Everfuel and Triangle Energy Alliance PtX agreement

The heat pump acts as a cooling machine for all outside equipment and helps to ensure the "balance of plant".

TVIS and Everfuel (which are also partners in the Triangle area’s PtX collaboration) Triangle Energy Alliance, enter into another heating agreement from Europe’s largest electrolysis plant in Fredericia.

Everfuel is investing in a 4.5 MW heat pump, which will cool the support processes for hydrogen production, and it will at the same time produce large amounts of surplus heat, which TVIS can utilize in the district heating network.

In December last year, we entered into Denmark’s first agreement on surplus heat from hydrogen and PtX technology here in Fredericia, and now we are increasing the heat to approximately three times as much. It gives us both valuable experience about the heat potential of PtX technology, but it also streamlines the hydrogen plant’s operating time and utilizes valuable amounts of energy, which are still available and would otherwise disappear into thin air.

Lars Schmidt, Chairman of the Board of TVIS, in fact, we write history not only in TVIS, but also in the district heating world by utilizing surplus heat from hydrogen production and helping to ensure an even more stable district heating system in the short and long term.

TVIS is establishing a 1.2 kM transmission line to Everfuel’s 20 MW electrolysis plant, which will be ready for production by the end of 2022 and is part of the HySynergy project together with local partners.

Already in December last year, TVIS and Everfuel agreed to purchase heat from eight electrolysis units that can supply heat up to 80 degrees, and the amount for TVIS corresponds to the consumption in 5-600 households per year. The new agreement increases the reduction to about three times, as the amount of heat corresponds to the annual consumption of approximately 1300 households.

With the new agreement, TVIS supports the continued delivery of environmentally friendly, cheap and stable supply of surplus heat to the district heating network to nine district heating companies in four municipalities. And Everfuel is guaranteed a stable and economical sale of surplus heat from the heat pump, where the alternative is to cool the heat without utilizing it.

The heat pump delivers down to 25 degrees cold cooling water to the two main compressors, the four rectifiers, the two deoxo units, the oxygen cooler and the scrubber, and the heat pump system was purchased from our project partner AEA, which is also part of the HySynergy collaboration. The heat pump’s cooling is therefore completely critical for the factory’s operation, says Jacob Krogsgaard.

In the heat pump, the energy from the heated cooling water is used to heat TVIS ‘district heating return water from 40 degrees to 80 degrees, thus contributing 4.5 MW heating power distributed over 3 compressor units.

Zohaib Ali

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