Toyota Tsusho and TotalEnergies to build a value chain for hydrogen

The collaboration aims to achieve carbon neutrality by building a value chain for hydrogen, synthetic methane, etc.

Toho Gas Co., Ltd. is Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd., TotalEnergies and Hydrogen have agreed to start a feasibility study on building a value chain to introduce synthetic methane to Japan.

In August 2021, Toyota Tsusho and Toyota Tsusho started a collaboration to contribute to the carbon neutralization of the Chubu region.

This agreement is a global initiative that TotalEnergies has in the know-how that we have built in the LNG value chain and the knowledge of Toyota Tsusho’s decarbonized fuel business as an initiative to expand and complement the collaboration between the two companies. By multiplying the fuel supply portfolio, we will proceed with studies for building an optimal value chain.

Specifically, the three companies will identify issues in the entire value chain, from marine transportation of hydrogen and synthetic methane produced by TotalEnergies to domestic acceptance, delivery, and utilization, and select suitable sites with a view to demonstration experiments.

We will investigate the feasibility of the introduction. In the future, we aim to build a consistent value chain from manufacturing to sales.

We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the further development of the Chubu region through the “promotion of carbon neutrality” set forth in the medium-term management plan.

Zohaib Ali

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