Toyota launches packaged fuel cell system module to promote technology

Toyota Motor Corporation has packaged a fuel cell module that combines individual fuel cell (FC) system related components in a single module, hoping to increase sales and penetrate other industries. The new module will be produced at the Honsha plant in Aichi prefecture.

Toyota is trying to sell the new module this year to companies involved in developing fuel cell, including mobility (vehicles, trains and ships) and stationary generators.

The automaker has been trying to promote its fuel cell technology but struggling with its Mirai fuel-cell car sales. The company has been heavily involved in promoting fuel cell vehicles technology, and besides its fuel cell car, it also launched the SORA FCEV bus. It sells its technology to other fuel cell product companies and even permits royalty-free use of its FCEV-related patent licenses.

The new single compact model combines FC system-related products of the second-generation Toyota Mirai. The compact packaged module includes an FC stack and components handling air supply, hydrogen supply, cooling, and power control.

Toyota Fuel Cell Module

The new module eliminates the need to develop designs for individually installing FC system-related components and the need for connecting them individually. Toyota said it would offer the modules in both vertical and horizontal models, weighing between 240kg-250kg, with a rated output power of 60kW or 80kW.

Shahkar Ali

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