Toshiba and Fusion Fuel to collaborate on electrolysers

Fusion Fuel will evaluate the use of Toshiba ESS membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) in its proprietary Proton-Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysers.

Toshiba Energy Systems and Solutions Corporation has reached an agreement with Fusion Fuel Green PLC (a European green hydrogen technology company) to study procurement, manufacturing, sales process, and technical collaboration, aimed at expanding sales of electrolysers in markets such as Europe and Australia.

MEAs are a core component of PEM electrolysers, and those under development by Toshiba ESS are highly cost-competitive and require significantly less catalyst than conventional solutions.

In addition, Toshiba ESS will explore using the local sales channels it has developed in areas such as the thermal power business to expand sales of Fusion Fuel’s PEM electrolysers in Australia and other countries. Furthermore, the two companies will also explore potential collaboration for future Toshiba ESS solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOEC) sales, which Toshiba ESS targets bringing to market in 2025.

Fusion Fuel, which has significant operations in Portugal, Spain and Ireland, has developed a solar-to-hydrogen generator which can produce green hydrogen using only solar energy. Its technology’s heart is a proprietary miniaturised PEM electrolyser, which recovers waste heat from the integrated solar concentration process to improve efficiency by reducing the energy required to split water.

Jaime Silva, Fusion Fuel’s CTO, said, “We are very excited to have entered into this agreement with Toshiba ESS to work together to achieve our collective ambition of a low-carbon society powered by green hydrogen. We view this partnership as an opportunity to leverage our complementary strengths and create a unique and differentiated commercial offering in both in European markets as well as globally.

Shigehiro Kawahara, VP at Toshiba, said, “Striving toward the realisation of a hydrogen society, we aim to provide high value-added hydrogen solutions by integrating related technologies such as renewable energy-derived hydrogen energy.”

Zohaib Ali

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