Toho Gas to start hydrogen supply by 2024

Construction of hydrogen production plant at Chita Midorihama Plant to support carbon neutrality.

Toho Gas Co., Ltd. will build a hydrogen production plant using natural gas at the Chita Midorihama Plant (Chita City, Aichi Prefecture) to build a hydrogen supply chain that contributes to carbon neutrality.

In the medium-term management plan, Toho Gas positioned hydrogen as an energy axis alongside gas and electricity. It has taken the lead in both demand generation and supply system development toward the construction of the supply chain and hydrogen in this region at an early stage. Toho Gas aims to establish its position as a supplier.

As a first step, Toho Gas will build a plant with a hydrogen production capacity of 1.7 tonnes/ day by 2024 and start supplying hydrogen. After that, Toho Gas will expand the scale of the plant in line with the expansion of hydrogen demand in this region. For the time being, Toho Gas plan to separate and recover carbon dioxide (CO2) generated during hydrogen production while offsetting it by using credits.

Furthermore, Toho Gas will promote alliances with other companies that have knowledge and know-how in the fields of hydrogen transportation, supply and consumption, build a foundation for expanding the spread of hydrogen, and in the future, import hydrogen from the Chita Midorihama Plant overseas. Toho Gas aims to be a receiving base for. Toho Gas will contribute to realising a sustainable society through the “promotion of carbon neutrality” set forth in the medium-term management plan.

Zohaib Ali

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