TMHJ launches fuel cell lift truck

It has continuous operation by about three minutes of hydrogen refuelling time.

Toyota Material Handling Japan (TMHJ), a division of Toyota Industries Corporation, has launched a new fuel cell lift truck (FC lift truck).

Vehicle price has been reduced by 30% thanks to a significant reduction in the fuel cell system (FC system) cost, and durability has been doubled compared to the current vehicle.

The FC lift truck is a next-generation eco-lift truck with excellent environmental performance, emitting no CO2 during operation, and superb convenience, allowing hydrogen refuelling to be completed in only three minutes. TMHJ has received introduction support from the Ministry of the Environment since it launched its first FC lift trucks in Japan in 2016, which has been introduced to customers with long operating hours and frequent use, such as factories, airports, and markets.

The new FC lift truck, with the first major FC system improvement in six years, uses the fuel cells (FC) of the Toyota MIRAI, which was released in 2020. It achieves the same output as the current vehicle while reducing the number of FCs through a power generation system developed by TMHJ.

System costs have also been significantly reduced by increasing the number of shared parts with the MIRAI and FCs and reducing the number of parts in the FC system as a whole. Furthermore, by adopting a power generation control system that suppresses FC deterioration, its durability has doubled compared to the current system, enabling customers to use it longer.

As a manufacturer with the top share of the industrial vehicle market, TMHJ will continue to contribute to realising a carbon-neutral and hydrogen-based society in the logistics industry through the development and spread of FC lift truck lineups.

It has a 100V AC outlet capable of supplying 1 kW x 13 hours of power per hydrogen refuel with a load capacity of 1.75 tonnes.

Zohaib Ali

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