Ten more Solaris hydrogen buses on Dutch roads this year

Solaris Bus & Coach, a polish producer of public transport, has agreed with Arriva Netherlands to deliver 10 Solaris Urbino-12 hydrogen buses.

The 12-metre hydrogen buses are bound for Gelderland, the largest province in the Netherlands, with 2 million population. Arriva will let them roll on the roads in December 2021 by replacing with diesel buses.

The buses are a part of the European JIVE2 program (Joint Initiative for Hydrogen Vehicles across Europe) in which the province is participating. The campaign focuses on the promotion of emission-free public transport though increasing hydrogen buses in public transport. The JIVE2 program also offers subsidies of € 148,000 (US$ 178,200) per bus for 152 buses in 14 European regions.

One of the conditions for funds eligibility was that between December 2021 and December 2024 each hydrogen bus would drive at least 50,000 km/year. Arriva buses in Gelderland are expecting around 100,000 km/year, almost double of the minimum requirement. Arriva is also planning to install hydrogen fueling stations by December 2021.

These buses are designed to pull around 85 passengers and installed with the latest accessories such as USB and CCTV cameras etc. They are using electric power which is produced in the process of reverse electrolysis. The buses would be installed with a powerful lithium-ion battery and 5×312 litres (1,560 litres) hydrogen tanks. These stainless steel made buses are installed with electric portal axle ZF AVE130 2×125 kW motor.

Shabelah Kahn

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