Tempo granted Practical Completion on hydrogen storage SAPS

The SAPs, installed in a remote location three hours north of Sydney, is fed from 100% renewable solar energy based alongside the storage system.

Tempo Australia Limited has been awarded Practical Completion on its Stand-Alone Power Supply (SAPS) for Essential Energy (a state-owned electricity infrastructure company) combining Solar Power with Hydrogen Storage.

The SAPS Project included Tempo’s greenHy2 system based on GKN Solid State Hydrogen Storage Technology and is a 100% renewable solution for a completely off-grid facility. The heart of the system is the Solid-State Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage, which provides storage of almost half a Mega Watt Hour of electricity and over 40 days of forecast storage for the facility.

Over the next year, the system will be monitored for performance and includes a state-of-the-art digital monitoring and operating platform that provides detailed data analysis to our monitoring facilities globally. This digital platform offers a real-time system performance and includes artificial intelligence to optimise the system over time.

Metal Hydride technology for storing hydrogen is considered the safest and most efficient method of Hydrogen Storage, as Hydrogen is stored as a solid, not a gas. It enables low pressure (max 40 Bar), ambient storage with a volumetric energy density far greater than Lithium-Ion Batteries and compressed Hydrogen at 700 Bar. The storage is fed directly from an Electrolyser and directly provides a Fuel Cell without recompression.

The Metal Hydride Technology is 100% recyclable, has an expected life of 30 years and energy storage capacity is maintained over the lifetime (no degradation). The use of metal hydride hydrogen storage is considered the only current technology to feasibly provide 100% renewable fraction (no diesel back-up) for stand-alone power supplies and disconnected grids, being fed purely by solar, wind or Hydro power generation.

Zohaib Ali

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