Técnicas Reunidas participates in the project EVER

The EVER project represents the first step on TR’s path to achieving electrolyzers based on AEM technology.

Técnicas Reunidas participates in the project EVER, which investigates the generation of green hydrogen with economically and environmentally sustainable electrolyzers.

Project EVER  is the Development of a Low-Cost Electrolyzer for the Production of Green Hydrogen. It is an R&D project focused on the study, design, construction and validation of new anion exchange membrane technology (AEM) electrolyzers.

The project has an execution period of 34 months and a budget of  € 1,465,434 and will be supported by the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology.

The EVER project is part of Técnicas Reunidas’s strategy of seeking technological solutions to meet the challenge of mitigating climate change, the effects of which our planet and our society are beginning to notice.

Within the political and social measures proposed at the global, European and national levels, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is identified as the most critical to reversing climate change. The use of green hydrogen as an energy vector is revealed as a potential solution for a drastic reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in widespread use in critical sectors such as energy-intensive industries or heavy transport.

To meet the needs identified in the market, these electrolyzers will be capable of providing high volumes of green hydrogen for applications such as renewable energy surplus storage or as an energy-intensive fuel.

EVER is oriented towards an exhaustive analysis of essential components and materials, the study of designs that provide the required efficiency while being sustainable (eco-design), as well as their integration and validation in experimental trials and through pre-industrial demonstrators. With these milestones achieved, EVER will move towards scaling up the developments made to reach production levels compatible with current and future market demands.

Zohaib Ali

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