SunHydrogen and Schmid to scale NanoParticle hydrogen panels production

SunHydrogen, Inc. (an American developer of renewable hydrogen energy technology) and Schmid Group (German manufacture of equipment and process solution for the photovoltaic industry) to develop a process platform for mass production of SunHydrogen’s Gen 2 NanoParticle hydrogen panels.

Schmid will provide a concept for customised production equipment for mass production with operating cost estimation this year. Both companies will collaborate on design, evaluation, process evaluation and engineering. Once the initial conceptual work completed, a timeline would be set for industrial-scale prototype production.

Christian Schmid, CEO of the Schmid Group, said: “We are very excited for this milestone partnership towards achieving a green future, and more specifically to work with SunHydrogen’s Gen 2 NanoParticle hydrogen generator, a technology capable of opening the door to commodity hydrogen production at the lowest possible costs,”

Tim Young, CEO of SunHydrogen, Inc. said: “One of the key aspects of this partnership is the collaboration between the two companies, including our team at the University of Iowa which has been crucial in helping us get to this point.”

SunHydrogen nanoparticle technology consists of four main components which are protective layers, nanowire solar cells, metal foils and glass/transparent conductive layers. It aims to produce hydrogen at less than US$ 4/H2 kg by only using earth-abundant materials.

The nanoparticle, structured as an autonomous nano-solar cell with catalysts, splits water into oxygen and hydrogen. It encapsulates billions of the nano-solar cells in an array inside a square centimetre protective layer. These cells are embedded and coated in the electrodeposition process on a metal substrate and installed on the company proprietary solar hydrogen panel design.

Jay Faris

Jay is the special correspondent covering the hydrogen market for H2 Bulletin. Click on the email icon to send me an email or follow me on social media. I am reachable on Phone: 02081237815
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