SunHydrogen designs its nanoparticle-based hydrogen technology

Completing the initial prototype design marks a milestone in commercialising nanoparticle technology.

SunHydrogen, Inc. provided a first look at the prototype design for its future nanoparticle-based green hydrogen technology.

SunHydrogen’s prototype design integrates its proprietary catalysts, light absorber and membrane integration assembly. The panel housing is built from lightweight, stable, modular materials that are easily scalable for mass manufacturing. Additionally, the design allows for efficient use of sunlight to maximise hydrogen production during the day with minimal water consumption.

SunHydrogen’s nanoparticle technology directly uses the electrical charges created by sunlight to generate hydrogen when the Sun is shining. However, when the Sun is not shining, this prototype can also power the catalyst and membrane integration assembly using renewable grid electricity from wind or hydropower sources.

Once the prototype design is realised, the company’s scientific team will begin evaluating its performance and individual design elements to ensure efficient hydrogen production and collection.

The panels would be scaled up in dimension to form a larger, more powerful array in a future hydrogen production plant or farm. This prototype shows a small-scale version of our technology and its housing.

Dr Syed Mubeen, SunHydrogen’s Chief Scientific Officer, said, “Within an individual SunHydrogen panel, billions of microscopic nanoparticles are splitting apart water at the molecular level to produce hydrogen and oxygen.”

Zohaib Ali

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