Sprintex to lunch e-compressors for hydrogen applications

High-speed e-compressors to support applications for hydrogen fuel cells, e-boosting of internal combustion engines and industrial processing.

Sprintex Limited has completed the design and testing of several new high-speed ecompressors with applications for hydrogen fuel cells, e-boosting of internal combustion engines and industrial applications.

The Company will launch its new S15, S18 and S26 e-compressors offering exceptional compressor and electric motor efficiency, aiding improved net energy efficiency from a wide range of fuel cell applications.

Sprintex S15 is a 3Kw compressor range, with versions suited to fuel cells of up to 20kW capacity, commonly used in forklift truck applications, mobile phone network installations, and other stationary power generation needs. The unit is very lightweight at around 3kg and compact, featuring air-cooled ultra-high-speed solid bar magnet electric motor and dedicated motor controller.

Sprintex S18 is similar in design to the S15. Still, it includes liquid cooling offering a higher-pressure ratio output, supporting e-boosted internal combustion engines up to 200kw or fuel cell range extender applications up to approx. 40kw for electric plug-in vehicles and many generic clean air applications in industrial processing.

Sprintex S26 is an advanced design, high-speed hydrogen fuel cell compressor featuring a very small electric motor rotor diameter of just 26mm, offering exceptional efficiency and compact packaging, ideally suited to hydrogen fuel cell/battery electric full-size semi-trailer trucks for line-haul trucks and construction equipment etc.

The Company’s R&D team is currently developing a version of the S26 compressor that will include a turbine expander on a common shaft with the electric motor and compressor, offering up to 11kw of energy recovery from exhaust heat from either fuel cell or ICE-powered applications.

Zohaib Ali

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