Sprintex receives first fuel cell compressor order

Sprintex Limited, has received its first production order from UK technology company Aeristech Limited (Aeristech), for the manufacture of high-speed electric compressors to suit hydrogen fuel cell applications.

Sprintex Limited manufactures e-compressors for Aeristech under the September 2021 collaboration agreement. Following a year of design, extensive testing and engineering validation, Aeristech has placed its first production order of 50 units of the new S15 6kW hydrogen fuel cell compressor from Sprintex. The initial order is for US$72,500 (~A$108,000).

Further orders are expected to follow for the two larger models included in the agreement, S20 (10kw) and S39 (25kW) unit. Sprintex has successfully completed two other design programs for Aeristech in recent months.

Sprintex Managing Director Jay Upton commented “We are very pleased to achieve this milestone in our collaboration with Aeristech and proud to supply our first batch of production compressors.”

The production order follows customer interest at the recent World Hydrogen Expo in Bremen, Germany at which numerous NDAs were signed with many key players in the Hydrogen energy sector which the Company expects will lead to further orders.

Jay Upton Upton continued, “I was really excited to see the level of interest and activity in this market segment, and the level of demand for our high efficiency electric compressors to meet the upcoming mandated reduction of carbon emissions from road vehicles in many advanced markets around the world.”

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