Solvay launches its full suite of solutions to compete in the hydrogen industry

Solvay, a Belgian chemical company, announced today that it has set up a new hydrogen platform which will offer key solutions to the hydrogen industry. The company has combined its materials and chemical solutions under one umbrella with its core membrane technology (ion-conducting polymer).

Solvay aims to expand its services to the hydrogen industry by allowing more dedicated resources for sales, marketing and R&D services. The company membrane technology under the brand Aquivion® ionomers is used in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells.

The hydrogen economy has taken-off. Ilham Kadri- CEO Solvay

Solvay CEO, Ilham Kadri said that “The hydrogen economy has taken-off”. Moreover, the company also wants to offer additional products to the hydrogen markets, such as hydrogen tanks. Storage is one of the important parts of the hydrogen industry supply chain. Recently other companies also announced their plans to enter the hydrogen tanks market.

Solvay expects that its membrane technology will play its role in supporting the hydrogen mobility market and curbing emission. Although lithium-ion batteries are currently widely advocated as a sustainable solution for the automotive sector, they still have shortcomings in making the sector fully sustainable. The company expects that the green hydrogen production capacity through water electrolysis is set to reach over 100 GW by 2030. The demand will be supported by fuel cell vehicles as well as industrial applications.

Solvay has also now joined the Hydrogen Council, whose members are now reached over 100 companies.

Ethan Mandel

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