SIT presents hydrogen boiler

The hydrogen boiler is the natural evolution of the methane boiler.

SIT continues its path in developing technologies for the construction of boilers capable of operating with 100% green hydrogen and with biogas mixtures.

These are important innovations that SIT has been developing for several years and are beginning to find an outlet in experimentation and producing high-efficiency residential boilers.

In a rapidly evolving sector, SIT, an Italian multinational market leader listed on the Euronext Milan stock exchange, is making the most of its continuous investments in research and development – annually, SIT invests about 3% of its turnover in R&D – to combine market expectations with environmental sustainability based on the energy transition, in particular in view of acceleration towards the decarbonisation of residential appliances such as boilers. Just think that, in Europe alone, about 60% of the boilers installed are inefficient.

SIT will exhibit one of these solutions on its stand at the MCE fair from June 28th to July 1st: Alteas 100% hydrogen-ready, the new Ariston branded boiler with zero carbon dioxide emissions thanks to the use of 100% hydrogen; the boiler was built with “made by SIT” combustion control systems that allow zero emissions, thanks to the use of green hydrogen.

Federico de’ Stefani, President and CEO of SIT, said, “when, within a few years, the networks for the transport and distribution of hydrogen will begin to be widespread, for installers and end-users, the transition will take place almost without being perceived. Strengthened by the experiments we have carried out in recent years in Great Britain, particularly in the Hy4Heat program, and thanks to constant investments in research and development, we are already ready for that day”.

In fact, for years, SIT has supported introducing new energy efficiency technologies and reducing environmental impacts that make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions through decarbonised gas. In this context, SIT confirms itself as a technological partner of boiler and heating system manufacturers in the evolution of the supply chain towards hydrogen-ready products.

Zohaib Ali

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