Shanghai to develop new hydrogen refuelling stations

Various Chinese states have been announcing their long-term plans to promote new energy vehicles (NEV). Shanghai municipal government also launched its Implementation Plan to Accelerate the Development of New Energy Vehicles (2021-2025) on 25th February.

The city plans to be operating 78 hydrogen fuelling stations by 2025. The city has built nine sites, while the 69 would be new sites. The plan is to have 23 dedicated hydrogen fuel stations where the station would serve only hydrogen fuel gas. However, the remaining 46 would be located as part of the fossil fuel stations. Out of these 46 stations, 29 would be developed on the existing fossil fuel filling stations, while the remaining would be part of the newly developed stations.

H2 Bulletin learned that some identified locations for hydrogen fuel stations include Jiading Hydrogen Port, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone and Songjiang Economic Development Zone.

The city also unveiled its targets, including announcing that the output of NEV in Shanghai will reach around 1.2 million vehicles by 2025. In value terms, NEV output is expected to reach around CNY 350 billion (US$ 54 billion), accounting for over 35% of the city’s auto production value. The city official also said that it would encourage the conversion of existing public chargers to DC fast chargers and plans to add 10,000 fast chargers. Shanghai will stop issuing special licenses for the plug-in hybrid by 1st January 2023. It implies that hybrids would fall in the same category as fuel cars in terms of licence plates.

Last week China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) announced its plan to build around 1,000 hydrogen refuelling stations across the country over the next five years to promote fuel cell vehicles. So far, the company developed 27 hydrogen refuelling stations, including Shanghai.

Shahkar Ali

Shahkar is the regional representative for Asia covering the hydrogen industry for H2 Bulletin. Please click on the email icon to contact him directly via email or follow him on social media.
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