SFC Energy, TEST-FUCHS and Auto AG roll out pre-series of hydrogen power generator H₂Genset

The H₂Genset consists of EFOY Hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen tanks and an IoT cloud monitoring system.

The three development partners, SFC Energy AG, TEST-FUCHS GmbH and Auto AG Group, announced the delivery of the pre-series of the emission-free hydrogen power generator H₂Genset for the fourth quarter of this year.

Compared to the H₂Genset demonstrator previously deployed as part of a roadshow, the pre-series will be even more flexible to transport, have three times the tank volume and a new peak output of up to 25 kilowatts (kW).

The H₂Genset – consisting of EFOY Hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen tanks and an IoT cloud monitoring system – enables a self-sufficient, reliable and, at the same time, low-noise energy supply even in large areas without access to the conventional power grid. Unlike conventional gasoline and diesel generators, it does not emit any environmentally harmful exhaust gases (e.g. CO2, CO or NOX) or particulate matter.

The performance parameters and user experiences of the demonstrator recorded during the roadshow were used to develop it further into a pre-series. This will be designed as a mobile energy solution, allowing individual transport by the trailer as well as collective transport on larger trailer or truck beds.

Tripling the tank volume will significantly increase the operating time between refuelling operations, further increasing the uptime of the H₂Genset. The pre-production series will have a new peak power of up to 25 kW and a new continuous power of up to 10 kW (pilot system peak power: 10 kW and continuous power: 5 kW).

Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy AG, said, “With our strong partners TEST-FUCHS and Auto AG Group and our jointly developed H₂Genset, we are setting the course to provide zero-emission energy to a wide variety of work and living environments, thus advancing the global race-to-zero.”

Volker Fuchs, CEO of TEST-FUCHS GmbH, said, “At the beginning of our collaboration, we announced that we would jointly lead the H₂Genset project to success. Just a few months later, we can already look back on numerous best practices and are about to roll out our optimized pre-series.”

Marc Ziegler, CEO of Auto AG Group, said, “The fact that we as Auto AG Group were able to contribute our unique expertise and thus have a direct influence on the development of the H₂Genset towards a flexible and mobile energy solution underlines that SFC Energy, TEST-FUCHS and we can quickly realize and implement our customers’ requirements.”

Zohaib Ali

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