RONN adds electric hydrogen fuel cell delivery vehicles production line

RONN Motor Group announced the establishment of a dedicated logistics division that will launch Class 3 through Class 6 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (HFCEV) designed for logistic medium-duty trucks to serve the urban delivery market globally.

(HFCEV) logistic delivery vehicles will offer a unique zero-emission solution to fleets and logistics customers. The trucks will travel more than 300+ miles on a single fueling with hydrogen storage of approximately 40kg. A second storage option will allow for a range of 500 plus miles.

The RONN truck line will include cab-over, box delivery, cutaway delivery, walk-through parcel delivery, and drop roof walk-through parcel delivery trucks. RONN Motor Group anticipates delivering proto-types Q4 2023 and showcasing the vehicles to US fleets Q2 of 2024.

“The growing demand for zero emissions logistics at the corporate and government levels is too large to ignore,” said Ronn Ford, CEO of RONN Motor Group, “Our ability to quickly scale our technology to fill that demand allows us to offer logistics customers a solution that will support their fleets with improved range, superior payloads and the flexibility that real-world duty cycles need.”

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles offer significant benefits over battery electric vehicles including:

  • Extended range.
  • Improved payloads.
  • Extended duty cycles.
  • Minimum downtime for refueling.
  • Longer, consistent range without sacrificing payload.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells do not deteriorate in cold weather, providing a consistent range over variable temperatures and weather conditions.

Like all-electric vehicles, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric vehicles use electricity to power an electric motor. In contrast to other electric vehicles, HFCEVs produce electricity using a fuel cell powered by hydrogen rather than drawing electricity from a battery.

The amount of energy stored onboard is determined by the size of the hydrogen fuel tanks.

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