Research shows hydrogen-reduced iron has superior properties

Results from the HYBRIT pilot plant and the R&D Lab reveal that DRI with hydrogen creates a product with significantly improved properties and quality.

New research within the HYBRIT project, driven by SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall, shows superior results on the properties and quality of the hydrogen direct reduced sponge iron (H-DRI) made using HYBRIT technology.

Test results prove that the direct reduction of iron ore using hydrogen offers a superior product that is easy to handle, transport and store. It also virtually eliminates CO\2\ emissions in the reduction process.

The HYBRIT initiative was started by SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall to develop a new technology for hydrogen-based iron- and steelmaking to establish a fossil-free value chain from the mine to finished steel product.

Hydrogen-reduced carbon-free DRI produced with HYBRIT technology in the pilot plant is highly metallized and has superior mechanical and aging properties compared to direct reduced iron using fossil-based reducing gas such as natural gas. Hybrit Development AB has filed patent applications describing the included inventions to the European Patent Office.

“We are very pleased with and proud by the consistency in the good results and excited by the opportunities this can offer to the steel industry´s green transition. Thanks to years of dedicated work from the research team, we have made the hydrogen-based pathway to decarbonize steelmaking more accessible and efficient. It can help to mitigate climate change,” says Martin Pei, CTO of SSAB and member of the Hybrit board.

Lars Ydreskog, Chairman of the Hybrit board, said, “These extraordinary test results confirm that we are on the right track in establishing an efficient fossil-free value chain in the iron and steel industry.”

Andreas Regnell, member of the Hybrit board, said, “It is very encouraging to see that these results not only confirms the climate benefits of replacing fossil fuels with hydrogen from fossil-free electricity, but also that decarbonization can actually lead to better industrial processes and products.”

Zohaib Ali

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