Renewable Innovations to receive orders for alternative energy products

Renewable Innovations (RI), a leader in the zero-carbon, green solutions alternative fuel industry, announced today the company has received the third of three purchase orders totaling over $1 million from Fortune 50 companies to develop products that will support the use of green hydrogen as well as the development of technology to capture carbon in air handling systems.

This order compliments an additional $6 million in purchase orders already received by Renewable Innovation during 2022 from another Fortune 50 company to develop various EV charging units that are powered by hydrogen driven fuel cells. These units are currently in production.

Other projects are under discussion and close to completion with major companies for the delivery of the company’s power generation products fueled by hydrogen. Upon successful completion, orders totaling tens of millions of dollars are possible for EV powering stations in diverse localities. Additional announcements will be made as final agreements are completed.

Included in these discussions is the EmPower Unit which can rapidly charge a vehicle in about 15 minutes. This product is referenced in the General Motors Press Release dated January 19, 2022.

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