Renewable Innovations (NBLD) to use general motors gen2 hydrogen fuel cells

Renewable Innovations (RI) has received purchase orders from Fortune 50 Companies for its MPG (Mobile Power Generator) and for other hydrogen-related projects. Hydrogen fuel cells could offer a fully renewable and clean power source for stationary and mobile applications in the near future.

General Motors will be supplying HYDROTEC Gen2 fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries to Renewable Innovations for installation in these first units. This product will be utilized for several demonstrations and commercial applications including programs with both the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), the US Military and State Energy Commissions.

Charlie Freese, GM Executive Director, Global HYDROTEC, said, “GM is supplying HYDROTEC fuel cell power cubes to Renewable Innovations of Lindon, Utah to build the Mobile Power Generator. GM will combine its fuel cell hardware and software with Renewable Innovations’ power integration and management systems to create a generator that can provide fast-charging capability for EVs without having to expand the grid or install permanent charging assets in places where there’s only a temporary need for power.”

RI is a visionary company providing total zero-carbon, green solutions. In addition to mobile EV charging, GM and Renewable Innovations have collaborated on the EMPOWER rapid charger. Intended to help retail fuel stations add more affordable DC fast charging capability, the EMPOWER rapid charger will help deploy necessary fast charging without significant investment in non-recoverable electrical infrastructure upgrades, like larger feed wires, transformers and potentially new substations. EMPOWER rapid chargers can be installed at existing fuel stations or along corridors frequented by travelers only part of the year, such as national parks or vacation destinations.

The EMPOWER system can also provide facility backup and primary power. RI is the industry leader in renewable solutions and the first company to offer solution such as the MPG and EMPOWER products to the market. “Our expectation is to deliver multiple green-power systems to the market using hydrogen fuel cells,” Said Robert Mount, CEO of Renewable Innovations.

As the company continues its rapid growth, the company has hired Chesapeake Group for corporate communication and broker relations. The Chesapeake Group, Inc. will create and execute a new proactive investor relations program for current and potential investors. Chesapeake will control aspects of investor outreach with an emphasis on investor education and corporate transparency. Headquartered in Maryland, Chesapeake is an award-winning full-service investor relations firm that has been assisting public companies since 1996.

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