Renewable Innovations delivers hydrogen Mobile Power Generator (MPG) to the US military

Renewable Innovations (RI), a leader in the zero-carbon, green solutions alternative fuel industry, announces the acceleration of hydrogen-powered mobile power systems with the delivery of its Mobile Power Generator (MPG) to the US military.

The MPG is the first hydrogen-based all-in-one mobile rapid power system in the world with Grid-tie capability, 180 kWh of battery reserves, over 40 kgs of onboard hydrogen, and BEV Rapid charging. Packed inside its small footprint is a silent power system that uses General Motor’s hydrogen fuel cells and EV batteries. It can be used anywhere for grid-free and diesel-free mobile power generation.

“We’re at a key point in our transition from a carbon-based energy economy and our customers are looking for solutions across a wide range of power needs,” noted Robert Mount. “With our MPG, they can transform their diesel-based portable and emergency power generation from one of the dirtiest for our environment to a green solution. Plus, the MPG delivers a host of other benefits, from the quiet operations that are key for our government, commercial, and military customers, and built-in Electric Vehicle rapid charging needed in today’s EV-forward world. With demand as high as ever, we are pleased to have market-ready products available as the world transitions to clean power. The company anticipates delivering a number of additional systems to the military and other customers over the next several quarters.”

The Renewable Innovations’ MPG offers a long list of benefits compared to traditional diesel-powered solutions. By using hydrogen as the power source and hydrogen fuel cells as the “engine”, the MPG is both carbon-free and silent, as hydrogen fuel cells have minimal mechanical systems. Whether the units are at the front lines of the military or at a local food truck event, they are silent and pollution free.

MPGs also provide flexible power options, with the ability to supply continuous facility or scene AC power up to 60 kW and meet the growing need for portable EV charging with its DC EV RAPID charger at up to 180 kW.

With the overall global diesel generator market expected to reach $26B by 2029 and the global military generator sector projected to reach $2B by 2031, these new green mobile power systems have a large market opportunity to displace diesel and offer customers a fast and effective way to lower their carbon footprint.

Portable power generation is used across industries for primary and backup emergency power, from power plants and massive-scale data centers through outdoor events and frontlines of public safety and military operations. Additionally, the mobile and clean, silent nature of the MPG makes it ideal for the film industry, racetracks, and transportation hubs, like airports.

Currently, the primary source for power for industrial mobile power is diesel – one of the most harmful categories of power generation producing high levels of particulates and smog-forming contaminants. “Our MPG is positioned to disrupt the current portable power generation market,” Mount emphasized. “Its ability to deliver a diesel-free, grid-free and green mobile power system, will help organizations be more operationally resilient and also accelerate their sustainability goals.”

Engr. Haseeb Ullah

Haseeb covers the global energy market for both conventional and modern energy resources. His expertise is on the global energy supply chain from generation to distribution and end-users. He has a Master degree in Engineering Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.
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