Raven chooses Watlow as its technology partner for hydrogen reactor

The SR2 reactor successfully performed at a rate exceeding other commercially available technologies for hydrogen production from methane.

Watlow is selected by Raven SR Inc. as a thermal technology partner for the field trial of their non-combustion equilibrium Steam/CO2 Reforming SR2 unit, which converted methane to transportation-grade hydrogen.

The SR2 reactor utilizes Watlow’s zero-emissions electric heater technology to power Raven’s reductive chemical reaction, which eliminates combustion and is, therefore, a much cleaner process that converts all feedstock into fuel rather than incinerating it.

Raven’s technology provides a carbon-free solution for both the creation and consumption of energy. Hydrogen can be produced with no harmful emissions to power fuel cells that can create electricity with only heat and water vapor as the byproducts.

Raven SR plans to bring its first commercial Steam/CO2 Reforming production facility online in early 2023 at the West Contra Costa sanity landfill in Richmond, Calif., where it will convert organic green waste into transportation-grade hydrogen for local customers.

Jeff Diestelmeier, VP at Watlow, said, “Watlow’s thermal system includes high-temperature MULTICELL™ heaters, WATCONNECT® pre-engineered control panels and temperature and power controllers.”

Matt Murdock, CEO of Raven SR, said, “This was a monumental day to showcase how our technology is highly productive and efficient in creating a hydrogen-rich syngas for downstream conversion into renewable fuels.”


Zohaib Ali

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