Qarlbo is developing hydrogen filling station

Investment company Qarlbo and subsidiary REH2 are taking the next step towards completing Sweden’s first, and one of the world’s largest networks of green hydrogen filling stations. REH2, has ordered 24 stations from the German manufacturer Maximator Hydrogen. The first station will open in 2023 and the investment is an important part of Sweden’s and the EU’s plans to establish an infrastructure for fossil-free transport.

Hydrogen-powered heavier vehicles are an important part of the climate transition. Qarlbo, which is a Swedish investment company owned by Conni Jonsson and family, through it’s subsidiary REH2, are pioneers with their investment in establishing a network of filling stations that make it possible to switch from fossil-powered vehicles to fuel cell vehicles powered by green hydrogen. The first station is expected to open at the end of 2023 and thereafter one station per month will be opened, creating Sweden’s largest network of hydrogen filling stations.

The construction of a green network of stations is an investment exceeding SEK 500 million and is co-financed by Qarlbo and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency through The Climate Leap initiative. In addition to a direct investment of SEK 161 million, Qarlbo is a long-term guarantor of the project.

“We are prepared to lead the way. Investments in a functioning infrastructure have been held back by the lack of vehicles. Conditions are now being created for carriers to use hydrogen-powered vehicles and at the same time this makes it possible for transport buyers to demand fossil-free transport”, says Johan Jemdahl CEO Qarlbo Energy.

“Ensuring that there is a safe fossil-free fuel supply along the roads in Sweden is crucial for the transition. With the help of renewable energy, hydrogen is produced at REH2’s stations through a process that creates no carbon dioxide emissions. Even the municipalities where the stations are to be established and our partner Rasta are pioneers in this work”, says Christoffer Löfström, CEO REH2.

The hydrogen stations will be built at Rasta’s service facilities and offer refueling of green hydrogen primarily for heavy vehicles, such as trucks and buses, but also for passenger cars. Rasta is Sweden’s largest truck stop, which is visited daily by approximately 15,000 heavy vehicles.

“Our top priority is to be an active part of the mobility revolution by providing the necessary infrastructure”, explains Mathias Kurras, CEO of Maximator Hydrogen. “We are therefore very happy to have found a partner in REH2 with whom we can promote and further expand sustainable and fossil-free transport in Sweden.”

Qarlbo is also the majority owner of Nilsson Energy AB, whose cutting-edge expertise has been crucial in the development of the REH2 stations. Nilsson Energy is also the foundation in Qarlbo’s efforts to build a platform of complementary capabilities in the hydrogen area. The company develops competence in system design and system integration as well as implementation and service of hydrogen solutions.

“Qarlbo has the ambition of being a leader in the transition away from fossil-based energy and we see our investment in REH2 and Nilsson Energy as an important part of that journey”, says Johan Jemdahl, CEO of Qarlbo Energy.

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