Proton Motor provides updates on HyFrame deployment

Proton Motor is pleased to provide an update on the deployment of the Company’s fuel cell systems by a customer.

On 6 September 2022, the Company announced that it had delivered three of its emission-free HyFrame® S36 systems to WILO SE (“Wilo”) for use in Wilo’s H₂Powerplant, located at its headquarters “Wilopark” in the south of Dortmund. The Company has now been informed that the HyFrame® S36 systems have been integrated into the H₂Powerplant.

H₂Powerplant is an innovative hydrogen plant that enables the production of green energy from renewable resources. This supports a transition to sustainable energy for industrial companies in the context of the Paris climate protection goals and to achieve energy self-sufficiency.

Following the successful delivery and integration of the three HyFrame® S36 systems, Proton Motor and Wilo have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) to cooperate on decentralised and decarbonised energy supply.The MoU provides for the definition of topics and tasks in climate-neutral infrastructure projects for the production and use of green hydrogen, with Wilo acting as a general contractor. Proton Motor expects to derive synergies from Wilo’s extensive distribution network and contacts. The MoU also envisages the identification of eco-friendly product applications complementing the respective existing or future brand portfolios.

As an exhibit for the upcoming ISH 2023 trade fair in Frankfurt, taking place in March, Wilo has ordered another HyFrame ® S36 system from Proton Motor. ISH 2023 is the leading trade fair for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and water.

The demand for the Company’s quality fuel cell systems – the S21, S28, S36 and S43 ranging from 21 kW to 43 kW – remains strong. In addition, the Company is identifying new use cases for the systems. For example, in 2021 three HyFrame® S36 systems were arranged in a mobile containerised power plant, HyShelter® 240 for Shell and, in 2022, the emergency power supply for the Swiss road tunnel Neuenhof Tunnel, in the canton of Aargau, was secured by a HyFrame® S28 unit.

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