Proton Motor launches large power generation pack

The power packs are now available for order and manufacturing.

Proton Motor Power Systems plc (the designer, developer and producer of fuel cells and fuel cell electric hybrid systems) has launched a large power generation pack based on its PM module producing 90 kW of gross power.

The pack is based on the new generation of the company’s existing PM400 stack modules. The 90 kW Module will be installed in a cabinet with a volume of 452 litres (0.2 kW per litre) and include a complete balance of plant and power electronics. It is anticipated that multiple of these systems will be capable of being used for the following applications:

  • 180 kW of gross power from two 90kW Modules to power standby generators and large trucks
  • 320 kW from four 90 kW Modules in a cabin for use in power generation, rail and maritime applications
  • 1.2 MW with four connected Cabins for maritime, power generation and grid peak power shaving
  • Four clusters of 1.2 MW each could be linked to supply increased power demand. This capacity of between 1.2 MW and 5 MW would be capable of being deployed in power generation, grid peak power shaving, maritime and many more applications.

The Company has been scaling its manufacturing capabilities in preparation for mass production of its fuel cells, including an increase in staff to 120 across all levels of the business over the last 18 months.

Dr Nahab, CEO of Proton, said, “We have been serialising our products for mass production, we increased our personnel by 60% over the last 18 months, with more new developments on the way, we aim to eliminate diesel engines by replacing them with Hydrogen fuel cell engines.”

Zohaib Ali

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