President of Germany visits Panasonic Kusatsu site

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of Federal Republic of Germany, and approximately 80 other individuals, including German government officials and business leaders visited Panasonic Corporation’s Kusatsu site to see the H2 KIBOU FIELD demonstration facility of the RE100 solution and the fuel cell factory.

At the H2 KIBOU FIELD, President Steinmeier was given a briefing on and observed a demonstration of a system for supplying power generated from renewable sources for factory operations by combining pure hydrogen fuel cell generators, photovoltaic generators, and lithium-ion storage batteries, and on Panasonic’s initiatives in the hydrogen business. Afterwards, the president had a look around the fuel cell factory, where he inspected the production process of the residential fuel cell ENE-FARM with great interest.

We are confident that the political and business leaders from Germany, which is rapidly shifting to renewable energy to achieve a carbon-free society, have gained more insight about Panasonic’s corporate attitude and environmental technology, including pure hydrogen fuel cell generators. Panasonic will continue to accelerate its efforts to make greater contributions to the environment toward realizing carbon neutrality.

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