PowerCell supplies fuel cell systems to Amogy

PowerCell will deliver the fuel cell systems and related services during the coming fifteen months.

PowerCell has received an order for fuel cell systems and related services to US-based Amogy to be installed in a workboat.

Amogy’s goal is to convert ammonia into a sustainable power source to decarbonize transportation. The company has, for instance, successfully engineered the first-ever ammonia-powered emissions-free drone flight at a 5 kW scale and demonstrated a 100kW powerpack in a tractor.

As industries search for ways to lower their carbon footprint, ammonia has emerged as an attractive fuel source with strong potential since it enables emissions-free, high-performance mobility. The use of ammonia reformed to hydrogen is especially beneficial in industries with long operating hours, for example, the marine industry, due to the high energy density.

The fuel cell system that PowerCell will deliver will be integrated in Amogy’s solution, where ammonia is reformed into hydrogen. This way, it can provide continuous power to a workboat over extended periods. The workboat will demonstrate how to build a complete power system targeted to the marine industry.

Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell Sweden, said, “A key strength is our ability to offer agnostic fuel systems using clean hydrogen from compressed or liquid storage as well as from reformed methanol and ammonia.”

Seonghoon Woo, CEO of Amogy, said, ”PowerCell has clearly demonstrated that it has a commercialized solution and capacity to join us in making the transport industry’s paradigm shift a reality.”

Zohaib Ali

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