PowerCell receives order for fuel cell system for mobile microgrid

Kaizen is investing in operating its systems using hydrogen produced on-site by reforming methanol to reduce zero-emission vehicle transition costs.

PowerCell Sweden AB has received an order for a 200 kW fuel cell system from the US company Kaizen Clean Energy.

The system will use hydrogen produced through on-site reforming of methanol and will be incorporated into a mobile microgrid solution for electric vehicle charging, hydrogen fueling and mission-critical backup power.

The order comprises a Powercellution Power Generation System 200 with an output of 200 kW, which will be delivered in September 2022.

Kaizen Clean Energy is a company whose business concept is to sell Energy as a Service (EaaS) solutions via mobile hydrogen-electric power generation facilities for charging electric cars, hydrogen fueling and other purposes.

The hydrogen-electric charging solution that Kaizen has developed will be installed in mobile containers and include hydrogen generation through methanol-reforming, power electronics and fuel cell systems. Since the system is mobile, it can be located where the need for power is greatest while reducing hydrogen’s midstream cost.

Andreas Bodén, Senior VP at PowerCell Sweden AB, commented, “Given the current prices for the production and distribution of green hydrogen, methanol that is reformed locally could be an attractive alternative for the generation of hydrogen-electric power using mobile and stationary solutions.”

Richard Berkling, CEO at PowerCell, said, “The increasing electrification of society requires a more decentralized energy system, in which power can be produced locally based on needs. In locations where there is insufficient or no grid capacity at all, mobile solutions of this type can be highly competitive as the investment costs are low in relation to the alternatives.”

Zohaib Ali

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