Posiedon Marine H2 receives digitised proof of concept for hydrogen marine technology

An independent consultant has provided a digitised proof of concept for Posiedon Marine H2’s groundbreaking technology, which will allow boats to operate off multiple fuels, including hydrogen and diesel.

The Company’s technical partner, Dynamic Efficiency, engaged Avesta Consulting to conduct a finite element analysis, which generated a computerised model that predicted how the technology would react to real-world hydrodynamic loads, impact forces and other physical effects.

The results have provided third-party verification of Poseidon Marine H2‘s design, confirming the technology, which was developed by Dynamic Efficiency, will improve a boat’s overall performance as it will:

  • Have an equivalent operational range.
  • Be carbon-free.
  • Require less maintenance.
  • Be cheaper to run than traditional engines due to increased efficiency.

The finite element analysis report will also allow the Company to secure insurance certification from Bureau Veritas, which will provide the basis to negotiate offtake agreements with large boat manufacturers.

Poseidon Marine H2 says they have received very positive feedback from the market, as its technology will allow boats to run on current and future refuelling infrastructure.

The Company plans to use this momentum to target substantial industrial/public contracts with defence forces, ferry operators, police bodies and other major maritime sectors around the world.

After certification has been achieved, Poseidon Marine H2 will begin building its prototype vessel, which will be supported by its strategic partnership with Griffith University.

The Company will also continue testing hydrogen fuel cells to optimise the boat’s performance.

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