Poseidon Marine H2 engages Avesta Consulting to deliver a proof of concept

They specialise in working with clients across a wide range of industrial sectors to support the delivery of innovative products.

Poseidon Marine H2’s technical partner Dynamic Efficiency has engaged Avesta Consulting to conduct a finite element analysis of their versatile marine technology, which will allow boats to operate on multiple fuels, including hydrogen and diesel.

With work already underway, Avesta Consulting is set to deliver the results in the next six to eight weeks.

“We are very excited to be working on this project with Poseidon Marine H2, who are on track to develop a product that has the potential to play an integral role in decarbonising the marine sector,” says Brad Glass, Avesta Consulting’s Director & Principal Consultant.

“Avesta Consulting is the perfect partner for this project, they are an Australian leader in providing integrated engineering design and simulation services that take ideas from concept to commercial reality,” says Peter Mastalir, Poseidon Marine H2’s Principal Engineer & Director.

Due to be completed in August 2022, the finite element analysis will generate a computerised model that predicts how their revolutionary technology will react to real-world hydrodynamic loads, impact forces and other physical effects.

The success of the testing will allow Poseidon Marine H2 to:

  • Secure a provisional patent
  • Have their product underwritten by insurers
  • Gain third-party validation of their proof of concept
  • Ensure their product meets or exceeds current standards of manufacturing/compliance

“Once we have the insurance certification and a provisional patent, we will begin to start seeking to form offtake agreements with large boat manufacturers,” says Peter Mastalir.

“These elements, along with independent validation of our technology from industry-leading companies, will be a major selling point for us in these negotiations.”

Poseidon Marine H2 will use these developments to target licensing agreements with large manufacturers and industrial/public contracts with defence forces, ferry operators, police bodies and other major maritime sectors around the world.

Poseidon Marine H2 says there is already strong market interest for their versatile technology that can operate on multiple fuels, including hydrogen and diesel, which will allow customers to operate on current and future refuelling infrastructure.

Once they have a working boat in Q3 2023, the company will commercialise their product via a planned public listing in early 2024.

Zohaib Ali

Zohaib is the editor of H2 Bulletin. Please click on the email icon to contact me if you want to talk about a news.
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