POSCO, Samsung, Lotte Chemical and Sarawak Energy cooperate on hydrogen

Sarawak H2biscus Green Hydrogen Project to supply hydroelectric-power-based renewable power.

POSCO Holdings will cooperate with Samsung Engineering, Lotte Chemical, Malaysian Sarawak Economic Development Corporation Energy, and Malaysian Sarawak Energy for Green Hydrogen Business for Sarawak’s green H2 business.

Early this year, POSCO Holdings, Samsung Engineering, and Lotte Chemical signed an MOU with SEDC Energy to build a partnership for the Sarawak green hydrogen project. This time, the new MOU signing for the collaboration of renewable power supply with Sarawak Energy is expected to boost the Sarawak hydrogen project.

With the MOU signed, the five parties agreed to conduct joint research for a stable power supply under the H2biscus project, which will use min. 900MW of power, and check the preparations for substation, power line, and other infrastructural facilities. Based on the result of the co-research, the ongoing feasibility study will be finalized by this year, aiming to start production of green H2 from the end of 2027.

The green hydrogen produced from the Sarawak project will amount to 200,000 tons. Except for 7,000 tons used in Malaysia, the rest of the H2 will be moved to Korea in the form of ammonia, which is expected to help the country facilitate the national H2 economy and achieve the carbon neutrality goal.

In particular, POSCO Holdings, Samsung Engineering, and Lotte Chemical will continue to develop green H2 projects overseas to take the lead in introducing green hydrogen to Korea.

Byeong-og Yoo, Senior Executive Vice President, said, “If the discussion on the power supply is successfully progressed, the H2biscus project will be the hub of hydrogen supply in Asia.”

Zohaib Ali

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