PNWH2 Clean Hydrogen Hub proposal receives a positive review

Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. is pleased to announce that it is a proud stakeholder in the Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association (PNWH2), which has received a letter of encouragement from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to submit a full application for funding to construct a regional clean hydrogen hub in the Pacific Northwest.

JEV’s PNWH2 hub submission included the utilization of its novel zero-emission Dynamic Combustion Chamber™ (DCC™) hydrogen fueled boiler in partnership with one of the leading district energy providers in the U.S.

PNWH2’s concept paper is one of 33 concept papers given the greenlight to proceed from among 79 submitted to DOE late last year. In the Dec. 27 letter of encouragement, DOE said it expects to review and select six to 10 of the full applications for federal funding estimated at around $1 billion per hub.

PNWH2 Chair Lisa Brown, Director of the Washington State Department of Commerce, and Vice Chair Janine Benner, Director of the Oregon Department of Energy, shared a joint statement reacting to the news:

“We are grateful to receive encouragement from Department of Energy on the PNWH2 Hub’s concept paper. This is an important milestone in the process to create a dynamic hydrogen market and supply chain in the Pacific Northwest, and we are pleased to see that DOE valued the ideas submitted last month,” said Brown and Benner. “We now turn our attention to the full application process and competing for the hub funding. The PNWH2 is leveraging vast amounts of green power in the Pacific Northwest, expanding our commitment to community engagement and environmental justice, and deepening our partnerships with labor, tribal nations, and public and private sectors to bring this industry of the future and green jobs to the region.”

The PNWH2 is a public-private partnership created in the spring of 2022 as a special purpose entity to apply for the DOE Hydrogen Hubs program with support from Washington Governor Jay Inslee and subsequent funding from the Washington legislature.

The DOE’s Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs program includes up to US$7 billion in funding to assist with the establishment of six to 10 regional clean hydrogen hubs across America.

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