Plug to receive 45V clean hydrogen production tax credit from federal for Georgia hydrogen facility

Plug Power Inc., a global leader in comprehensive hydrogen solutions for the green hydrogen economy, began commercial operation of its electrolytic hydrogen facility in Woodbine, Ga.

Earlier this year, intended to recognize the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) Section 45V Credit for the Production of Clean Hydrogen (PTC) in its forthcoming quarterly financial reports. Plug will be one of the first producers of clean hydrogen in the United States that anticipates utilizing this new incentive enacted by an Act of Congress and signed by President Biden.

The PTC offers a production credit of up to $3.00 per kilogram for clean hydrogen (H2) produced in the U.S., providing a substantial financial incentive for hydrogen production in the U.S, substantially lowering the cost of hydrogen production in the U.S. market. This incentive allows newer, cleaner technologies, such as electrolytic hydrogen, which is produced from water, to be more cost-competitive with incumbent fossil fuel technologies.

With the passage of the IRA, the U.S. government has made it clear that clean hydrogen is essential to decarbonizing hard-to-abate industries, combating global climate change, improving U.S. energy security, and building a domestic clean energy manufacturing economy.

In the case of Plug’s fuel operations and sales of fuel to its customers, this benefit will provide a meaningful reduction in the Company’s fuel costs. This benefit is one of the key factors that will enable Plug to drive overall fuel margin to a break-even run rate by the end of the year and positions Plug for growing positive fuel margins in 2025 and beyond.

“Government support for clean hydrogen is critical to achieving global mid-century decarbonization goals,” stated Andy Marsh. “By leveraging these incentives, we can scale our hydrogen production capabilities and catalyze industry-wide technological advancements. The use of the PTC will drive innovation and investment in clean hydrogen solutions, which are essential for a sustainable future.”

Plug’s 15-ton-per-day (TPD) Georgia facility is the largest electrolytic liquid hydrogen production plant and largest PEM electrolyzer in the U.S. representing a landmark achievement in Plug’s build-out of a vertically integrated hydrogen ecosystem.

In addition to its hydrogen plant in Georgia, Plug is expanding its presence with an already existing 10 TPD plant in Tennessee, and a 15 TPD liquid hydrogen facility in Louisiana scheduled to be operational by the end of 2024. Plug also has a pipeline of future plant developments across the United States and is actively engaged with key strategic suppliers to facilitate the expansion of its green hydrogen network and to achieve cost-effectiveness in green hydrogen production at scale.

Plug intends to fully pursue and utilize the transformative Section 45V framework as it continues to develop, construct, and operate hydrogen generation facilities across the U.S.

Engr. Haseeb Ullah

Haseeb covers the global energy market for both conventional and modern energy resources. His expertise is on the global energy supply chain from generation to distribution and end-users. He has a Master degree in Engineering Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.
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