Plug and Freezpak expand fuel cells supply coverage

FreezPak will expand its operations across the US with Plug fuel cells and hydrogen infrastructure.

Plug Power Inc. agreed with FreezPak Logistics to provide fuel cells, hydrogen storage, and fueling infrastructure to nine additional sites and nearly 400 lift trucks.

The agreement includes providing hydrogen infrastructure and fuel cells for lift trucks at four existing FreezPak Logistics sites and five additional sites scheduled for 2023. Plug will support 11 customer sites across the US, including the three sites already in operation.

As a Plug customer for eight years, FreezPak Logistics has witnessed firsthand the benefits of transitioning from lead-acid batteries to hydrogen fuel cells. The company reported seeing a productivity boost of 100% because fuel cells operate at full power throughout a shift, while batteries require frequent recharging.

In addition to greenhouse gas reduction, FreezPak Logistics saw electricity bills drop by 31.5% and an increase in usable space by up to 5,000 square feet per location.

Andy Marsh, Plug CEO, said, “We are thrilled to expand our partnership, which further improves the American supply chain and decreases carbon emissions.”

Dave Saoud, CEO of FreezPak Logistics, said, “Given our long-term relationship with Plug, it makes sense to work together toward a common vision — progression and reducing carbon emissions.”

Michael Saoud, Co-Founder/CEO of FreezPak Logistics, said, “We are committed to clean energy and solutions that boost our operations.”


Zohaib Ali

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