Phillips 66 and H2 Energy Europe to develop hydrogen refuelling stations

JET H2 Energy combines companies’ retail and hydrogen expertise to form a leading player in hydrogen mobility.

Phillips 66 and H2 Energy Europe have closed on a 50-50 joint venture to set up and operate a network of hydrogen refuelling retail sites in Germany, Austria and Denmark.

JET H2 Energy Austria GmbH (JET H2 Energy), the joint venture between subsidiaries Phillips 66 Limited and H2 Energy Europe SA, will combine the retail expertise of Phillips 66 and the hydrogen expertise of H2 Energy and be well positioned to boost the development of hydrogen in Europe. The new company plans to develop approximately 250 hydrogen refuelling stations by 2026.

“We will make hydrogen a leading energy solution for emission-free mobility,” said Olaf Borbor, Chief Executive Officer of JET H2 Energy. “We will align stakeholders’ interests along the hydrogen value chain and create a sustainable hydrogen ecosystem.”

JET H2 Energy’s network of hydrogen refuelling stations for heavy- and light-duty and passenger vehicles will comprise existing JET® branded retail stations and new locations on major transport routes and at customer sites. JET H2 Energy will require governmental funding, where applicable, to develop the refuelling network.

The company intends to supply its sites with green hydrogen and build relationships with customers and original equipment manufacturers. Green hydrogen is a zero-carbon energy carrier and fuel that is produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable electricity. In vehicles, hydrogen is converted to electricity in fuel cells that power cars and trucks, with water being its only emission.

JET H2 Energy will benefit from its close ties with Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility, the exclusive European reseller of the Hyundai Xcient hydrogen fuel cell truck.

“Phillips 66 has a successful retail presence in Europe with its JET® brand,” Borbor said. “H2 Energy has a proven track record in creating a successful green hydrogen ecosystem in Switzerland. Ideally, the parties’ competencies complement each other for the next stage in building the hydrogen economy.”

The JET H2 Energy management team is represented by Borbor, Chief Financial Officer Markus Wolf and Commercial Manager Jonas Erdmann.

Phillips 66 Limited is a U.K.-based, wholly owned subsidiary of Phillips 66, a diversified energy manufacturing and logistics company. Phillips 66 has more than 1,000 JET® branded stations in Europe and a growing hydrogen refuelling network in Switzerland through its participation in the Coop Mineraloel AG joint venture.

Swiss-headquartered H2 Energy Europe is a joint venture between commodity trading firm Trafigura Pte Ltd. and H2 Energy Holding AG, a leading hydrogen provider in Europe with investments in the production, distribution and utilization of green hydrogen.

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