Permascand Top Holding announces research collaboration for cost-effective green hydrogen

Permascand is involved in and co-finances an industrial doctoral project at Umeå University. The goal of the project is to produce green hydrogen without, or with less, precious metals – as these metals are expensive and available in limited amounts.

The project at Umeå University includes the production of hydrogen and is a collaboration with Permascand to develop the technology in the field. In this industrial doctoral project, the focus area is electrocatalysis for water electrolysis in industry. For Permascand, it is also part of the strategic plan to develop a technology and innovation centre.

Green energy sources are crucial to reducing pollution and global warming. One such energy source is green hydrogen, which is produced by electrolysis from renewable energy. And it has a high energy density (higher than many other fossil fuels in use today).

Permascand will hire an industrial doctoral student and the focus going forward is to find the right candidate for the assignment. The project starts in the spring 2023, and the remaining funding comes from The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF). SSF supports projects that are deemed to be strategically relevant and strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness.

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