Peikko signed an international cooperation agreement with SK ecoengineering

Peikko Group Corporation, the leading technology provider of precast construction and SK ecoengineering signed an agreement for international cooperation.

The signing took place 15th of November in Seoul, South Korea. SK ecoengineering is a global high-tech solution-based engineering company in the green energy field, such as hydrogen & environment, gas & power, batteries and industrial plants, having construction projects simultaneously on multiple continents.

The agreement defines Peikko as the approved supplier for all SK ecoengineering projects. It expresses the technical and delivery support Peikko gives for SK ecoengineering in agreed regions and clarifies the pricing and delivery terms.

For SK ecoengineering, the agreement enables improved technical support for the projects, including precast technology, improved centralized design opportunities and secured costs. Also, via Peikko’s network, SK ecoengineering has improved access to the precast market players in the countries where projects occur.

For Peikko, the agreement is a major step to becoming involved in even larger international projects with Peikko’s precast connections. Peikko is also able to have earlier involvement in projects and is thus able to support the customer even better.

”I am very pleased about the cooperation agreement, which is an outcome based on the long and consistent work of our Peikko Korea team. The cooperation with SK ecoengineering is a prime example that Peikko is seen as a reliable player in its field and is truly able to assist its customers in making their building processes faster, safer, and more sustainable.”, comments Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation.

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