Patriot Hydrogen progress with clean technology

The technology breaks the carbon cycle, taking carbon out of the atmosphere and returning back to the earth while still producing clean green energy and fertiliser.

Patriot Hydrogen has been making solid progress in producing modular, off-the-shelf pyrolysis systems that take waste biomass and convert it into clean energy.

The company has already manufactured its first proof of concept unit, which will soon be deployed onto Kilto Station, a Western Australian Kimberley cattle station for commissioning. Kilto Staton has a small abattoir to service markets around the Kimberley and Pilbara.

The first project is part of a partnership with Kimberley Clean Energy which has signed an MOU for the supply of 75 units throughout the region.

This will, in turn, open up a giant opportunity as while pyrolysis technology itself is not new, the ability to build smaller systems that can be put on-site to deal with waste is one that hasn’t been achieved to date.

Patriot Hydrogen believes its technology will fill this large gap in what is predicted to become a financially lucrative market set to play an important role in decarbonising the energy industry and solving major waste challenges.

And while Patriot Hydrogen foresees moving into more industrial opportunities, it is the agriculture sector where immediate opportunities present, whether that be currently burnt timber plantation, animal manure or food waste, the feedstock list is somewhat endless.

While converting waste biomass into energy is the primary goal, the pyrolysis process also offers companies a clean solution that will help them meet their ESG targets of zero emissions and negative emissions.

As businesses take on a more environmentally responsible ethos, they will be looking at products like ours that can save them money in their waste management and also produce energy cleanly.

Zohaib Ali

Zohaib is the editor of H2 Bulletin. Please click on the email icon to contact me if you want to talk about a news.
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