Patriot Hydrogen expands into South East Asia

Patriot Hydrogen signs its first deal in Asia and will deliver on the Malaysian biochar shortage.

Patriot Hydrogen has launched in Malaysia with its first of many projects focused on producing renewable energy, biochar, and hydrogen across the country.

The first project will be a strategic Joint Venture between Patriot Hydrogen, a Singapore investment company, and a local Malaysian project developer.

Located in the State of Terengganu, Malaysia, Patriot’s first project in Asia will be 100% renewable and focused on biochar production, wood vinegar, and carbon credits.

Producing over 1.5 tonnes/day of high-quality biochar, the facility aims to address a biochar shortage in Malaysia via a gasification process using wood waste as the feedstock.

Gasification is a thermochemical process that converts biomass materials such as forest and agricultural waste into syngas that can be used for multiple purposes, including renewable energy, hydrogen, and low-carbon ammonia.

Malaysia is facing challenges regarding climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As an oil-producing country where fossil fuels are the most significant sources of GHG emissions, it is vital for Malaysia to have greener technologies, cleaner fuels, and low carbon emissions due to its high carbon dioxide emissions, fossil fuels depletion, and energy security issues.

Patriot plans to install and commission its first Asia-based renewable energy and biochar plant before Q1 2023.

Glenn Davies, Patriot Chairman, said, “We’ve secured funding for our first two projects, signed three deals in the second half of the year, and have a healthy pipeline to take us into 2023.”

Zohaib Ali

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