Panasonic partners with ATCO Australia

Panasonic hopes to contribute to the effort to achieve a carbon neutral society under the banner of its PGI long-term environmental vision by proposing new options to expand the adoption of renewable energy sources to include the full-scale use of hydrogen.

Under PGI, Panasonic will be enhancing the competitiveness of existing businesses centering on the fields of electrification, energy efficiency, and hydrogen, and these businesses are expected to contribute to 93 million tons of CO2 reduction in 2030.

Meanwhile, Paul Reid, Managing Director, Panasonic Australia, explained that while this fuel cell is a test model, Panasonic will closely monitor its performance within the harsh Australian climate and has plans to introduce a hydrogen fuel cell optimized for the Australian market in the coming years.

“We are excited to investigate applications for hydrogen fuel cells in various commercial and industrial settings including large-scale mining sites and remote micro-grids which currently rely on diesel. Through this partnership with ATCO Australia, we’re excited to explore the vast potential of decarbonization as a critical mechanism to create a more sustainable and secure energy future for Australians, and the world.” said Mr Reid.

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